Time to Break the Silence

As a Realtor and ever since I became a Broker and an Owner of my own Real Estate Company, I had faced some kind of Racial inequality and injustice, here in the Capital District of New York in so shape or other. 


I believe we Stand in the same soil but not experienced the same freedom, the problem is not out there the problem is within... This is not the time for bandages, window dressing, nor taping over tearing pages… This is the time to look within by removing any prejudices, stereotypes, misconceptions, judgment, and hatred. This is the time to humble yourself and go out to lunch with a colleague, friend, or an acquaintance who doesn’t look like you and listen to their story, their culture, with an open mind so, you can understand their pain or culture they had come from because you, (WE) will never change if we don’t do this, we need to understand the history so we can change the future and within. 


We have issues accepting accountability for what has occurred and what is still going on, it’s bound to keep on occurring on the off chance that we continue overlooking the hidden issues and can't nor decide not to address them. What can we as human beings do to bring the intensity of progress into these circumstances? For started we should start by examining our prejudices, stereotypes, misconceptions, judgment, and hatred.


Let us take an honest look at what prejudices, stereotypes, misconceptions, judgment, and hatred we may be holding onto. We all have faulty lenses that have been shaped by our culture and experiences, things we’ve been taught, or assumptions we’ve made based on our interpretations, which aren’t always accurate.


How do these things square with our firsthand information and individual experience of Black individuals and people (just as other ethnic gatherings)? On the off chance that you are not Black, ask yourself: What observations do I have about Black individuals by and large? What amount are my sentiments, notions, and decisions dependent on the shade of another's skin? What pictures ring a bell when a Black name that I don't have the foggiest idea or can't spell is referenced and is there anything in me that would propose a feeling of prevalence? What sorts of sentiments are evoked in me when I see individuals of different ethnicities being dealt with contrastingly as a result of the shade of their skin?




“How can I expect to live in freedom if I don't embrace God’s standard of forgiveness? 

If I hold on to every offense and let it all in the gate if I don’t turn back the battle, if I’m looking for reasons to be offended, looking for reasons to be angry, I shouldn't be surprised when I find myself in a low emotional state.

How can I be free from what I let walk right through my front door? How can I expect to walk in freedom if I haven't chosen to walk in forgiveness? 

It is the standard of forgiveness that enables me to live in freedom. I don’t forgive you for you; I forgive you because I want to be free”. 


It’s so easy to live with an invisible belief system that regulates your responses in situations and even your ideas of what is possible in your life. An unquestioned belief system is a dangerous thing. 

A lot of times we don’t know the difference. For some of us, we give more attention to our traditions than we do to what’s really the truth, but we need to flip it.  

I’ll give you an example: Sometimes, in my life, ways of thinking have been handed down to me, not necessarily by my parents, but by the culture, I live in. “BY STEVEN FURTICK”… 


I explain a bit more of what Mr. Furtick’s means; ever since we been born, we have been listening to the belief systems of everyone who surround us, we been listening to pastors, priests, teachers, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, news, police, government… etc.… get my drip…  And we never stop to question, “Where all did this come from?” 

To flip it, we need to ask ourselves: “Is this really from good intention and or from our God?” 

An unquestioned belief system is a dangerous thing!... you’re going to see it on a natural level, but then it’s going to point to something beneath the surface as life does. There are things going on in your life right now that are trying to point you to something deeper. The surface is not the story. There is a deeper meaning for it. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain while holding compose in the storm. 


I've discovered that we actually all offer similar battles. It just appears to be somewhat unique from individual to individual. One of the most widely recognized is stress and tension. Even before the current global pandemic. Today it feels like everywhere we turn, there’s something new we’re being told to worry about. Disquiet, Anxiety, Discouragement, and Fear are things that have been controlling us for a considerable length of time along these lines, it must stop here for us to have the option to push ahead and see one another.


One thing that requirements to stop are the mark naming originating from anything any individual does, for instance; "He is or was the first Black President" or "she is or was the first woman to accomplish”, etc.…, How about calling them by their name and not by the shade of their skin or by their gender, etc.…. This is the means by which bigotry and the brains goes into imagining that one individual is better than the other, in which isn't accurate, the valid for the issue is that we are on the whole equivalent as we are for the most part people regardless of what we show improvement over the other or what we accomplished than the other didn't, and for those that despite everything put stock in the presence of GOD, all of you should know better as we are largely siblings and sisters in his eyes!!....


So today I argue to every one of you that read this if it's not too much trouble be a piece of the arrangement and consider your family's future, Kids, nieces, nephews, little cousins, etc…. Also, rise up to make an adjustment in this world that is urgently required… PEACE BE WITH ALL!!...








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